Deep in the heart of a nation steeped in wisdom, rich in tradition and history comes an ancient, and blessed food.

We are growing 2000 year-old varieties of rice, nourishing the mind, body, and soul of the world.

This ancient healing rice

from Sri Lanka
(Hela Bima)...

was all but lost...




With help from

Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama

rice farmers
of Sri Lanka




Join us in supporting

rice farmers
Sri Lanka






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Hela Bima Rice Project

Sri Lanka (Hela Bima)Welcome to the Hela Bima Rice Project.

We are growing 2,000 year-old ancient varieties of rice which provide whole food for health and healing.

The Hela Bima Rice Project is awakening and educating the world, honoring the farmers, their rice and well-being.

This ancient variety of sacred rice is grown by loving hands with conscious blessings from the farmers in Sri Lanka and energized by Dr. Abeywickrama. These nutritious grains are cultivated, harvested, milled and packaged by a rural community of small farmers using old Singhalese traditional wisdom, without chemicals, pesticides or harmful fertilizers.

“Ancient Energized Rice 
nourishing the soil and the soul.”

What is Energized Rice?

Using ancient, sacred traditions of chanting powerful healing mantras and the blessings of Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama, this rice is grown with agro-wisdom and nature-friendly agriculture, free of fertilizers and chemicals. Farming with this method rejuvenates the soil, the soul and humanity.

What is the energetic value of food?

Energetic value is a way of measuring the light energy of food. All foods are assembled patterns of light energy.

The power of individual food patterns, their food values, and their human compatibility and desirability are measurable. Using a numerical scale, we can assess individual substances (in this case foods) to determine the essence of their purity and potential to deliver their particular energy as food. This energy, which is the light energy of food, is for the sustenance of man.

If a food is modified, chemically altered, adulterated or degraded in any way it LOSES the pure essence of its light, its only intention, and it loses its purity and wholeness as a food to serve man. This deterioration of value is indicated by the energy measurement going down.

Thus, the energy measurement of any food, in this case Hela Bima Rice, suggests its quality of power, purity of form, and therefore its ability to serve man as true food.

The Hela Bima Rice energy values illustrate that they are pure in form and deliver their light energy as food.

The History:There was an ancient time when Sri Lanka was known as Hela Bima – when farmers were revered by Kings. Their status in the social and economic culture was held extremely high; they were the bridge between the earth and the people. Ancient wholesome varieties of rice gave the people strength and well-being. Gratitude was a national bond in the ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura, the first capital of the island nation, which was said to have flourished between 161 BC and AD 1017. As the first world countries brought modern techniques to the third world, chemicals and fertilizers were introduced, and the farmers’ sacred methods were no longer in favor. Some farmers hid their most precious varieties of rice in the forest while others started using chemicals, and over the years, lost their tradition and worthiness. Crops became contaminated, more value was placed on economics and we began to consume toxic products, unknowingly causing disease. The farmers could no longer survive under this system.

The Mission: To re-establish the presence of whole, healthy rice for humanity and provide the farmers an existence in harmony with nature and the nation’s culture, an Ayurvedic Physician, Dr. Abeywickrama spent years winning the trust of rural farmers who shared their ancient varieties of rice that were secretly hidden for hundreds of years. He is now bringing back the ancient methods of farming and instilling the once-lost tradition and worthiness for all farmers by providing an opportunity to participate in planting and harvesting of this sacred rice through the Weera Gemunu Farmers’ Effort. His mission is heart- warming to the farmers and the country as a whole. All profits are distributed to the farmers.

The Method: Agro-wisdom, ancient traditional farming practices and lunar cycles are used to determine auspicious times for planting and harvesting. Dr. Abeywickrama teaches with loving kindness, practical application, examples and experience, giving farmers the tools to gain success, prosperity and good health with their own mind-power without external refuge. He has proven spiritual powers yield a better crop and provide a pure harvest, increasing productivity.


The Result: Ancient species of heritage rice harvested the traditional way are a pure strain of rice higher in nutrients than the more common “hybrid” strains of rice on the market. These pure rice strains are known to help control disease including diabetes, gastritis and obesity. Dr. Abeywickrama is implementing toxic-free processes for today’s farmers, saving many farmers’ lives. He is able to present this process to other countries so they too may gain prosperity while providing a healthy diet, gaining confidence and independence.

Farmers now produce nutritious, ancient varieties of rice without chemicals and fertilizers. The harvest production is increased and healthy for the consumer. This brings a new sense of well-being and gratitude to the farmers and their villages. The elimination of these toxins has shown many health benefits to the people in their communities and has reduced the occurrence of disease within the population. There are new schools for children and a renewed spiritual practice to enlighten their path. The Hela Bima Rice Project is nourishing the world, educating our minds and purifying our bodies.


Congratulations and thank you for selecting this sacred rice, energized by Dr. Abeywickrama and grown by loving hands with conscious blessings from the farmers of Helaland – Sri Lanka!

May you be healthy and happy!!

“May man bring joy and life
for man himself, for others,
for all beings, for the environment
and for the universe.”

– Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama